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Why live in marbella?

Buying a property in Marbella will not only give you a home, but a lifestyle.


By acquiring a property in Marbella, you obtain a beautiful home as well as access to a lifestyle that many dream of. Marbella is said to be Europe’s playground due to its easy access from all parts of the world, great climate and popularity for all its amenities and surrounding activities. These include a beautiful beach coastline, hiking in the city’s stunning backdrop mountains, sports such as padel and golf, to mention a few. Marbella allows you to combine your career and leisure time perfectly. A healthy lifestyle and quality time with family

and friends.

Climate & amenities

1/3 Marbella has got registered more than 320 days of sun a year with an average annual temperature above 18 °C (64 °F).

The region is known for its pleasant climate which thanks to it being protected by an inmense mountain backdrop, it is cooler in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter. Marbella has currently 141,463 inhabitants and is one of the most important tourist cities of the Costa del Sol. Throughout most of the year it is an international tourist attraction, mainly due to its climate and tourist infrastructure.

Marbella has the perfect temperature to allow you to undertake all outdoor activities you desire. From hiking, excersicing outdoors, playing golf in some of Europe’s most prestige courses, sailing at sea or just enjoying a cold beer out in the terrace, all year round.

Premium location

Marbella covers 114km² situated on the Mediterranean Sea between Málaga and the Strait of Gibraltar. 2/3

A premium location with 28km of coastal strip sitting in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca mountains. In Marbella, you can have a beachfront villa and easily access the mountains for your daily morning jog or have a home surrounded by nature and be minutes away from all beach amenities. What a lifestyle!

Furthermore, the Malaga airport is just a 40 minute drive from most residential areas and offers great connecting flights to all parts of the world. Moreover, Andalucia has some of the most charming spots in Spain. For example, during the winter you can spend the day skiing in Sierra Nevada and still be back on time for an afternoon powerwalk in Marbella ́s beach promenade. All in the same day as they are only a two hour drive apart.

Children and family life

3/3 Marbella is perfect for everyone. The wonderful climate enables families to spend a lot more time outside.

With plenty of activities to enjoy in the sun, from outdoor playgrounds to a variety of adventures and tourists attractions.

Also, Marbella has excellent options when it comes to childrens education. Its wide range of educational entities allow you to select a school that will fit your criteria best. Your child will have the option of studying amongst several different nationalities opening them doors to future opportunites.

Children and family life

Marbella is a very child-friendly place featuring lots of playgrounds, a zoo, a theme park and other facilities designed to suit the whole family. There are many excellent alternatives when it comes to pre-schools and schools, under Spanish as well as Swedish management, such as the Swedish School with its excellent reputation, offering places from three years of age.
There are also a great number of international schools to choose from.