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Looking for the right investment in Marbella.

2 October, 2020

Marbella is booming and is in the lead when it comes to property sales in Spain. Top quality properties and high interest from foreign buyers has put Marbella real estate high up the list of popular investments. However, in order to make a great investment you must have the right knowledge and remain a step ahead. There are many popular areas in Marbella thats stand out for its completely different characteristics; location, culture, closeness and privacy to mention a few. There are a lot of factors when it comes to making the right decision so it is always better to get advise from a local expert who is looking out for your best interest. Read further about investing in Real Estate in Marbella in our guide and contact us to get profesional advice from one of our brokers.

Option 1.

Investing into your own living

There are different types of investments, the most popular one is to find a good investment for your own living. This means, choosing a property wisely so that you have a high posibility of gaining a profit once you decide to resale it. To achieve this, it is often a good idea to buy into an off-plan development, as due to the risk of investing into pre-constructed real estate, you buy at a discounted price. Another way of investing and gaining a possible profit at resale, is buying and investing through market knowledge. For example, buying in an area that is blooming or within a particular style known to be in-trend. Further more, the south of Spain is rich for its stable variables; its microclimate, nature and lifestyle. Making this area a popular destination for both permanent and holiday living and a ever lasting good investment.

Option 2.

Refurbish a property to resell short-term.

As the world changes and goes forward, so does real estate. The fact that style trends change with time as well as the importance of mantaining properties fresh and new, open up a great opportunity to invest into a renovation project: buy, renovate and sell a property within a particular short period of time with no intention to live there. Once you renovate the property to new market standards and popular demand, you increase its value hence can then resale it for a much higher selling price than the one you initially purchased it for.

Marbella’s charming Andalusian culture impacted real estate’s design throughout the years. However, due to the great international influence throughout the years, the demand has shifted and therefore left room for new improvements and great investment deals. At Homerun Brokers we use our market knowledge and expertise to guide you through the investment that best suits your needs and requirements. We can assist you in finding and buying your investment property or help you throughout the full process, from buying, refurbishing to reselling your property.

Option 3.

Long term investment.

Planning to buy your first property? Investing in real estate is one of the best assets you can acquire. It is a tangible way to accumulate wealth in a fixed asset. It is a place to park cash in an appreciating place that has the potential to provide passive income. You can live at the purchased property, otherwise you may rent it out to get some return meanwhile you decide to sell. Due to the wonderful conditions in the south of Spain when it comes to climate, culture and lifestyle, we benefit from high demand in rentals within all budgets and styles. Meanwhile, the steady growth in the price of property in Marbella means that people benefit from the wealth effect created by an ever-increasing property market.

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